Stephen's Goals As Your Next Mayor




Quality of Life





  • Never accept developer contributions intended to influence votes

  • YES on N to halt the sale of General Plan Amendments for political contributions

  • YES on Q to limit city council terms and special interest favors


Protect Quality of Life

  • Protect Santee from over-development and prevent increased traffic gridlock

  • Give the people a voice with Yes on Measure N by requiring a vote to approve changes to the Santee General Plan over what is currently permitted by law

  • Grow commercial businesses that add revenue to maintain emergency services and city infrastructure

  • Build parks, save open space, and save Santee's family-friendly atmosphere

COVID-19 Recovery

  • Support economic recovery for local businesses and workers hurt by COVID-19 shutdowns

  • Mitigate health effects of the pandemic to protect the well being of Santee families

  • Support parents and children effected by ongoing changes in schooling


Promote Tolerance

  • Enact tangible and sustained policies to implement the city’s unanimously approved resolution on equality, promoting tolerance and denouncing hate speech and racism

  • Ensure safe protections for expression of the constitutional right of peaceable assembly and speech

  • Promote future opportunity and respect for all Santee residents by listening and encouraging diverse public dialogue

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